Mr. Zhang\'s in Jupiter FloridaMr. Zhang’s in Palm Beach Gardens Florida is great!

Food 5 Stars
Service 5 Stars
Ambiance 3.75 (boring strip mall location but clean and pleasant inside)
Price 3 (food is pricey for Chinese)

Menu (dine in or take-out)

Mr. Zhang’s web site

4650 Donald Ross Rd, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

(561) 624-2946

My Review

I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years and had great access to some of the best Chinese restaurants in the U.S. Everything from spectacular hole in the wall choices to fine dining the likes of which I’ve had in Hong Kong. I have a decent idea of what passes for quality Chinese food.

Needless to say, living in South Florida over the last six years has been a huge disappointment. You’d think with our influx of New Yorkers, who are accustomed to some excellent Chinese dining choices, we’d have better Chinese restaurants here. Sadly, the Chinese cooks seem to have all stayed up north or back home in China!

Mr. Zhang’s in Jupiter Florida is one of only two “good quality” Chinese food dining experiences I’ve had between Miami and here in the greater West Palm Beach area.

We visited Mr. Zhang’s in July 2008 and all of our selections were of good quality as compared to the best quality I’ve experienced in the Bay Area. For this market, I would rate Mr. Zhang’s food in the ‘outstanding’ column. The Palm Beach Post seems to agree, giving their flagship dish (Grand Mariner Prawn) their top dish award in 2006 (typically known as Honey Walnut Shrimp/Prawns in most Chinese restaurants) .  Mr. Zhang’s Beijing Chicken was also excellent!

The only negatives I can think of are the boring strip mall location (that’s South Florida for you) and the price. Which isn’t a knock on Mr Zhang’s, but more a reflection of my preference for excellent cheap Chinese food! Mr. Zhang’s is more of a mid-priced dining experience as far as Chinese restaurants go. We got out the door for $112.10 (without tip) with one drink each for two adults, soup, 1 appetizer (Fried Wonton) and food enough for us and three kids helping us eat. That’s not a cheap family meal but if you’re looking for a treat for the whole family that’s on par in price with most chains you won’t be disappointed with Mr. Zhang’s.

In fact, at Mr. Zhang’s you’re going to enjoy much better food quality and service for the money than any national chain. Let me close by just pointing out how good the service in this restaurant. You never have a chance to even think about wanting a drink refill or some other assistance.

I highly recommend Mr. Zhang’s.