Upcoming 2015 DMB Tour in West Palm Beach

I’ve just returned from the Dave Matthews Band Fan member site (The Warehouse) on my annual quest for tickets to the two DMB concerts that they perform in West Palm Beach.

The Warehouse allows members to request tickets before they go on sale to the public. This is the 13th year of going to DMB concerts with my love Shannon. This year would have marked the 14th year of Dave concerts for us but DMB didn’t tour in 2011 (the only year that Dave and his mates didn’t tour in over 20 years).

Now we wait and see what kind of seats we’ll get in the fan lottery (seats are divvied up by seniority in the DMB fan club). Wish us luck! Last year we had the best seats we’ve ever received and it really made for an amazing show. This puts me in mind of our upcoming anniversary of meeting in Phoenix – our 14th.

Red Shouldered Hawk Thunder Storm

Shannon and I went out birding with our Panasonic DMC-GH2 and a telephoto lens I rented for trying our hand with birding pics (Panasonic Lumix G Vario 100-300mm f/4.0-5.6 Micro Four Thirds Lens).

As soon we had piled in the truck with our kids and Zoe to travel to the trail for our walk a Thunder Storm broke. Our nature walk turned in to a nature truck ride through our neighborhood. We got some photos of woodpeckers and a Little Blue Heron.

The most spectacular sighting is a common resident in our woods – the Red Shouldered Hawk. They’re amazing birds. I see them on my runs almost every time I’m out and I always marvel at them. This was a particularly fun spotting because the Hawk was holding his wings out to keep them as dry as possible in the storm. He looked most displeased.

We took quite a few photos and this is one of my favorites, taken from the driver’s side window of our truck. We liked that you could see the drop of water about to drip off of his beak.

Big Eyed Fish

In honor of Dave Matthews Band imminent arrival in West Palm Beach for their two night stand on Friday and Saturday (July 20 and 21, 2012) I found a big eyed fish (youtube link) to snap with my camera. This fish was peaking out at me on the fence of a restaurant dumpster hideaway (Panama Hattie’s in Palm Beach Gardens).

For you non Dave fans the band took their first year off from touring in over 20 years last year. With the year off we’re pent up even more than normal to see them. We’ve missed the guys and their tunes so much. I’d love to hear Shan’s favorite #41 this year. And Big Eyed Fish would be great. It’s a tune that alternates between haunting and humorous in both lyric and tone.

~ julian

The Office.

I’m on a week-long photo collaboration assignment with my father where we’re using Google+ events to share photos back and forth between us. The idea is to capture shapes and form in black and white. I’m posting photos to the g+ event that are either unedited or only have slight tweaks (like small tweaks to exposure or contrast). This photo cried out for me to crush the blacks in order to hide the windows in the original photo and then I added some text to complete the picture.