Our wedding

Shannon M. Seery and Julian E. Gude were married Saturday, September 27th in NYC. Although our love and commitment to each other has been complete since the moment that we met almost three years ago we never did take care of the marriage part. OK, so no one ever accused us of being highly conventional. We had the opportunity to tie the knot before the birth of John but frankly neither of us wanted that to be the final motivation for us to marry (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

What – no big wedding you say! Well, we’re actually going to have two weddings. The service on September 27th was the first service and was just for the two of us. We were married in our favorite hotel in New York – The Royalton. Due to everyone being scattered around the U.S. and the world we figured you could use some time (we certainly do) to put the resources together to attend our second wedding affectionately known as BPIW (big party Island wedding). So, the BPIW will take place next year on an Island somewhere off the coast of Florida (probably the Bahamas since they’re close). We want all of our family to attend!

In the end it was a recent plane ride to San Jose that kicked me in the pants about doing this. There I was flying along when I had one of those moments where I wondered if my particular plane, at that particular moment might just fall out of the sky. Those thoughts led to how much I would miss this wonderful life and all the unbelievably great people I know and love. It’s moments like these that cause us to take stock of our lives and evaluate the things still left to be done. What I determined in those moments is that I didn’t want to go through any more of this life without proclaiming my love for Shannon in this manner – so marriage it is!

Remember, BPIW to follow.

P.S. Since people always ask these questions:
1) I proposed under a moonlit sky on Palm Beach without a soul around
2) I think it was Shannon that said yes but it was kinda dark.
3) No, she’s not changing her name but WE both are. We figured if Seery Gude was a good enough name for our son John that we would both take the name as well.
4) Don’t feel obligated to send anything to us other than well wishes because if you are so inclined we’re going to do that kinda stuff next year.

More about the service
We were married some time around 8:30 in the evening on Saturday, September 27th, 2003 in our suite at the Royalton Hotel at 44 W. 44th Street in Mid town Manhattan. The Royalton is the first hotel that Shannon and I met at after our original meeting in Phoenix in January 2001. We also went their last Valentine’s Day. We stay each time in the same room (1505) and did so this time on our first night there (Friday, September 26th).

Shannon and I both loved the service and Reverend Laura did a really good job of incorporating our vows and beliefs in the wedding. Her husband was there as a witness and also took pictures of the service for us with our digital camera. Even though Rev. Laura has been marrying people a long time this was the first marriage that her husband was ever a witness for which surprised me. I am very happy that Shannon and I are married now – it feels like the right thing for our life.