Ten things I’ve learned about life…

1. I don’t have any idea. About anything.
2. Ignore all the rest because they are just guesses.
3. You can spend a lot of time worrying about things going wrong or breaking.
4. You can’t know how much to worry about the things you worry about.
5. Intentionally left blank.
6. Intentionally left blank.
7. Sometimes life blows – and we’re not talking about the good kind of blows.
8. There are a lot of really stupid rules.
9. There are a lot of galactically stupid people.
10. #9 might have something to do with number #8 but that’s unconfirmed.
10. I’m not sure if there really is a point behind paper toilet seat covers. It seems to me that they might be optional equipment.
10. If reality isn’t real then why do farts have to smell so bad.
10. It’s important to break things on purpose. This helps with #3 and #4.
10. See the thing is…all-you-can-eat buffets are really designed to make restaurants money cause only the fat people eat that much food and stuff.
10. Math never was a strong point.
10. You can never have enough duct tape Duct Tape Guys
10. Don’t worry about taking any wooden nickels. They all burned back in 1935 in the great fire. The people in #9 are still going to worry about wooden nickels anyway.
10. The secret to life is as simple as #5 plainly states.

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The end

November 05, 2003