Happiness and recognition

Lately, I’ve been feeling pretty damn happy. You know how when you work and work and nothing seems to go right and then, seemingly, all of a sudden, things break for you? Then, not only have you broken through a plateau but you’re accelerating beyond the reaches of your imagination? Yeah, that’s how life has been going for the last couple of months and especially in 2006. Did I tell you that 2006 is my break through year? No, well it is.

Much has been fueled by following a discipline in all things from working out, eating good food, focusing on important things (like my kids) and really starting our business. I got a real shot in the arm with all the traffic our business blog is garnering after only a couple of weeks. I’m starting to really appreciate the term organic and not look down on it for it’s buzzworthy overuse. Having been the recipient of real organic growth of our company blog traffic it’s real to me now.

Part of this really hit home when Shannon and I were looking at our blog referrer stats tonight. There was a bunch of traffic coming from the guy’s site who made TiddlyWiki’s. He had actually read my post and was featuring an excerpt of it on his home page! Given that I love his TiddlyWiki tool this was a real honor (and yes, it stroked my ego) but it was more shock than anything else. I took a screen shot to celebrate the occasion.

Close up of TiddlyWiki fame...