Fancy some Cricket Mate?

In Dad’s recent correspondence Cricket in West Palm Beach Floridahe has mentioned being glued to the Tellie watching the Cricket tests from Australia. Today, when I picked up the Palm Beach Post there was a feature on local Cricket clubs here in South Florida – which are apparently very popular and numerous. The best one happens to be right here in West Palm Beach, called the Atlantic Cricket Club (note that their site seems to be down at present). The Florida League page is here. They have a former pro bowler from Jamaica, Glen Anglin, who is my age.

Reading the article made me want to get out and play. Sounds like they value commitment to the game, over skills, so you never know, I might be able to make the team if I tried out. On the other hand when Marc Boucher, batting recently at the Gabbayou have a former pro playing on your team and you’re also the #1 team in South Florida it would seem my chances would be slimmer. Cricket is as much a social and strategic game as it is athletic and it’s a game that really tests your nerves and focus since it is played over a long time period. I was never a good bowler when I played as a kid in Australia (though no worse than most of the neighborhood drongos I played with). I was a decent batter however, and a good wicket keeper and slip. Defense is a critical and very large part of cricket so being good at those positions, rather than a more visible bowler, is a good thing.