The company blog takes flight…

I imagine looking back a year from now and thinking about how we got our start on the company blog. How, so many people immediately started reading it and linking to it. It has all been rather a shock – but a nice one. It’s not like we haven’t worked on it. All our spare time during the day and evening have been spent writing, linking and looking at new story ideas.

I know we’re still talking about small numbers but we’ve made some very significant strides for two weeks work. Shannon and I were talking on the phone tonight and she excitedly told me that our blog had managed to get us on page 1 of a google search she performed. This, with absolutely NO SEO work. That is even more amazing to me than the unique vistors and page views we’re getting. Speaking of that I thought I’d throw up a screen grab of this past week’s uniques. Cheers.

Unique Visitors on company blog Jan 2006