Kristen off into the Yonder

Today our Florida Family will celebrate my upcoming Monday birthday and much more importantly, Kristen’s send off to Zambia, where she will spend two years as a Peace Corp volunteer. I hope she has a great experience like my Uncle Ron did when he went as a young man. Shannon and I used to work with a nice guy in Miami, Jacques Hart, who really enjoyed his time in the Corp in South America. Kristen wrote a beautiful poem on her blog the other day that was very touching. Great, inspired piece from a talented writer. I hope that Zambia isn’t too much. I am sure that it will be shocking to her to be in a true third-world environment for the first time. For this to be her first trip overseas will certainly set the tone for future travel and adventures. If she hangs in for her two year tour I have no doubt that she will be an even better person for it and hopefully leave the last of her doubts about herself behind! I know they will be impressed with Kristen’s intellect, intensity, drive, desire to contribute and have fun and her ability to analyze people and situations. Best of luck Kristen, we send you off with love and god speed.