So long Flock, I hope to see you again soon.

I gave the new Flock browser a multi-day trial and sadly, I have to kick it to the curb. The developers are on the right track and once they have the speed and functionality improved I’m likely to be a big fan. For now, I’ve done my duty and sent them my feedback in three separate support cases where I encountered browser crashes, a consistent and significant browser lag problem (only on my Mac, not my PC) and the remainder of my wish list for improved functionality.

The functionality improvements that I would need to see in order to use Flock include:

  • support for posting to multiple blogs (this was wrong on my part – my apologies)
  • editing blog posts (not just publishing new posts) (there is a workaround for this according to an e-mail I received from support)
  • ability to save a draft post TO your blog vs. the current options to either publish to your blog or save locally
  • HTML preview function (similar to Writely or the control panel of WordPress)

Everything else I tried worked well and I really like the interface design, integrated toolset and the nice RSS reader. I’m sure that by the time the developers make it around to the 1.0 release it will be really solid. For now, my Mac has NO lag issues running Firefox, Camino or Safari so I can’t accept that this is anything other than a Flock issue.

Speed update 8/31/06. I tried using Flock again today and found the same dissapointing speed on the Mac. Still running smoothly on the PC.