Netcast: Better Productivity – Less stress. Tips on how computer LCD size and background light increase productivity and lower stress

Gabcast! #3

Here are my Netcast Links:’s Leo Laporte and Amber Mac Netcast on MacBreak Weekly 11: iPhone Home
Merlin Mann, of productivity and life hacking goodness on 43Folders (I read him all the time)
Computer World article: “Could a 30-in. monitor help you do your job faster?” on Pfieffer Consulting study commissioned by Apple (this story has a link to the pdf of the full Pfieffer study) article (pdf) on reducing eye-strain, glare and stress from your computer display
Scott Bourne, publishes iLifeZone (also featured on’s netcast) publishes a blog on getting the most out of your Mac and recently launched a blog on podcast gear that I’m interested in checking out (right now in fact).