Can you get fit playing a video game?

Nintendo Wii may get your healthy
If you don’t already know, Nintendo released their latest game console late last year and despite its lack of graphics capability and sophistication (as compared to the Microsoft Xbox and new Sony Playstation 3) the console has taken off in sales. Most attribute its success to good value, FUN games and a new interface that lets users move their hands and arms about to control games. I haven’t tried out the Wii yet but I’ve heard of sword fighting and boxing as examples of using the new controls.

Now this article from Three Minds, the blog made by my fellow Interactive marketing geeks Organic:

“Six weeks ago, a Philadelphia man decided to see what types of physical gains he can make by playing Wii sports for 30 minutes a day. Today he published his results and pictures. He was able to drop 9lbs, 2% body fat, and 3.5” in his waistline. Does Nintendo have the next Jared?

Frank Ribitch”