A bar-b-q for Tax Day

The Virgin Grill April 7, 2007
The tax deadline in the U.S. usually falls on April 15th, but this year for reasons I haven’t even bothered to look up, the deadline was the 17th. We survived it once again – somehow.

In celebration of being done with our taxes we got a new Weber bar-b-q and some torches for the nasties that like to fly around and bite you (bloodsuckers).  We promptly assembled it, drinking Dos Equis Amber all the while, and got her fired up. Her name is Evelyn – the grill that is.  I had to take some pictures of the innagural event which are appearing here as a set on our Flickr account in all their glory. Featured here are the virgin grill (above) and THE MOST random picture I have ever seen (below). Shannon took a self portrait and in the background John is sprawled on the ground while I am cleaning the grill in the far background. Who the hell knows where Julia was…

Random as hell Shannon picture

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  1. Hi
    Wow. Typical American wretched excess……mountains of flames and torch lights threatening to engulf your hedges….and all to cook 4 hot dogs….I can imagaine the relief at having your taxes done though as we am still procrastinating over ours…and it is always great fun to play with fire isn’t it??? Come to think of it I could do with a Yankee hot dog right about now…and I sure would have enjoyed being in your company.

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