Sometimes you need a little – sometimes you need a lot.

Back in January 2001 I was in Phoenix Arizona and I needed a lot. I met an angel there and we were reborn, rising up together through the ashes.  I believe that Shannon and I knew each other from another time, that we have come together again in this time, and will find each other again in the future.

To celebrate our re-connection I took Shannon to get a Tattoo of an infinity on her birthday of that same year. I got the same one – mine rides along on my strong arm – my left. Hers sits on her back. The infinity is our symbol, a representation of our knowing each other through time, of our connection, of life that does not end.

Since then we have often discussed getting a Phoenix tattoo and we have always made it a point to look for Phoenix symbols that we liked for the purpose. We’ve found many visual representations of the Phoenix that we’ve enjoyed but none that ever seemed quite right.

Friday night, May 18, 2007 we were driving over to South Beach in Miami when Shannon said…

“We should go get our Phoenix Tattoos.”

She happened to have her laptop in the car (god I love her) and she was connected to the Internet so she started looking up images of the Phoenix. The first page she brought up under a keyword search of “Phoenix Tattoo” found this one that we hadn’t seen before:

Phoenix Tattoo By 0Bsessi0N-1
We both immediately knew it was the one we had been searching for.

Where to go for the ink?

Miami Beach has no shortage of overpriced Tattoo parlors and good artists to go along with those prices. We decided we’d try Miami Ink just for fun, and as you might expect, they were very busy (with T.V. fame and all). None of the artists we’ve gotten to know from the T.V. show were present either. Most importantly the guy at the counter just had a really bad vibe. In other parlance, he was rude. It seemed obvious that to get a Tattoo here was all about being part of a T.V. show and had little to do with the experience we were enjoying. We had passed a place on the way to Miami Ink called The Mosh Pit that does tattoos. We liked the name and headed back there.

We were walking along and just one store away from The Mosh Pit when Salvation appeared – Salvation Tattoo Lounge that is. It seemed appropriate.

Needless to say we got our Phoenix Tattoos there. Sharky, a Tattoo artist for over 20 years performed the work. He’s from the Village originally and has been down in South Florida for a few years. He seemed competent and we liked him so it was off to the races.

I went first, putting the Phoenix on my right arm. Shannon followed with her vision of weaving the tail of the Phoenix into her existing infinity.

There you have it. It was a magical evening where we shared a great time on South Beach, a wonderful dinner at Perricone’s (run there don’t walk) and before that a fantastic time looking at Triumphs and Ducati motorbikes, which we’re hoping is in our near future (Ducati S2R800 specifically).

9 Replies to “Salvation”

  1. hey, i was looking at phoenix tattoos, too. do you think you could post some pictures of yours, i would like to see how it turned out??

  2. Hey! I was looking for some nice tattoo desings for a phoenix tattoo…I want to get one in a month or so on my hip and I totally fall in love with this tattoo!

    Looks real nice!

  3. I would also like to get your phoenix tattoo on my back in sepha colering. but first I wanted to get your permition. You can contact me at Please let me know eather way. I am an artest also, with a troubled child hood. I see the phoenix riseing as a signe of hope, that I two can rise from the ashes of my childhood. Thank you for taking the time to read my request.

  4. That is a really great Phoenix design and your post a charming addition to your love story. Happy anniversary to both of you! Love, Mum

  5. It’s pretty scary how many details in your story here are similar to my friend and me (I have an infinity tattoo and my name is Sharon. My friend and I love the symbols of the phoenix as well.) I was searching for phoenix tattoo deisgns and your story touched me a lot and encouraged me to go with this tattoo. Thank you for sharing your story. I’ll be getting this design tomorrow.

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