Got ya spammers – captcha!

Hi Friends, family and guests.

If you’re commenting on my blog you’ll notice a new addition that looks like this.


It prevents very annoying site spam. The downside is that it also can be annoying for people like you to fill out who are just trying to leave a comment! But hold on, there’s an upside for you!

I thought you’d like to know that your perseverance in filling out my captcha will also help with the accurate digitization of history. You see, those words you type in my captcha I’m using to fight comment spam are words that have been scanned from real books by an optical character recognition tool. People are digitizing books for easy access in online form. Carnegie Mellon University is behind this (thank you).

Picture 1
The problem as you may know is that OCR doesn’t bloody work! Too many mistakes, especially in older, harder to read books. That’s where we come in. The words you type in reCaptcha will be used to correct the OCR work of books that Carnegie Mellon is performing. Brilliant!

More here. Don’t forget that you can get reCaptcha for your site.

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