My Friend Dan Lazner


I just heard from my friend Dan Lazner (pictured above with wife Fran and daughters Jessie and Sophie). Dan was my best mate from elementary school in Perth. Dan and I connected a little while back after not speaking for…about 26 years or so.

No, not like that.

First he moved away from Perth to Melbourne and then I moved back to The States. A while back something told me I just needed to find him and by the wonders of modern search engines I found his band online and his band mate connected us. Great flowing emails ensued and I think it is OK for me to say that we both got a tremendous amount out of the connection.

Dan is now a software developer after working his ass off over the last eight years to really learn the trade. We’ve connected on Facebook, LinkedIn and most importantly  Skype so even with the time differences that should make it dead easy for us to catch up on the phone.

I’m looking forward to it heaps Dan! Talk to you soon.