A great day all the way around

Today has been a great day all the way around.

Today is Shannon’s birthday, she’s on a rare day off from work, and we just had really good news at John’s weekly doctor’s visit.

Perhaps it was a birthday present for Shannon. As I noted on an earlier post John’s platelet levels while taking prednisone steroids have shown the strongest positive reaction out of all the treatments he’s been on. On the other hand, the steroids haven’t kept his platelet levels up any better than others. In fact, as we completed the last week of his month long prednisone course last week his levels had gone all the way from 160K down a month ago to 38K last Friday.

Dosage during the last week had gone down to 5mg a day with 2.5mg administered twice a day after breakfast and dinner. Surprisingly Dr. Gowda decided to keep John at the same dosage during this past week and Shannon and I expected to see John’s platelet levels drop even further.

John actually went back up to 47K this week even though we maintained the very low 5mg dosage. This marks a first. John’s platelet levels have never gone back up on their own or without giving higher levels of drugs. Dr. Gowda summed up our feelings perfectly “this is good news.”

We can’t predict if John’s levels will stableize, continue to climb, or go back down but this gives us the first peace of hopeful news since we’ve begun.

Happy Birthday Shannon!

Tonight, we’re off with the whole clan to Rosa Mexicano in Palm Beach Garden’s – one of Shannon’s favorites (me too!)!

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  1. This is like opening a good novel at some random point and then trying to figure out what the action is.

    I don’t know if John is one of the kids, a parent, a relative, a friend. I don’t know why the platelet count is so low. I don’t know if it’s the white or red platelets. And I definitely don’t understand why these wild fluctuations are acceptable.

    But I am glad that with such a small dosage and for such a short amount of time that the count is back into the normal range.

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