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Join the Conversation by Joseph Jaffe

Joseph Jaffe of, a respected colleague and conversation leader in my line of work is hosting an online book sale today over on His latest book is called Join The Conversation and promises to share new research, case studies, insights, along with trends in social media that are happening right now in businesses around the world – large and small.

Joseph is using OUR network of bloggers and blog readers along with his offline and online social networks to make a statement about our collective voice today by selling as many books on this day as we can (Sunday October 21, 2007). I just purchased a copy for Shannon and I, and I hope you do the same. Joseph does very good work.

Buy the book today using this link and Joseph will donate all the affiliate commissions from today’s book sales to charity.

If you want to enjoy more of Joseph’s work I’d also suggest you listen to his weekly podcast Jaffe Juice and visit his company Crayon, a social media company among the first agencies to build online communities in Second Life.

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