I voted in the Florida Primary today

Got back from voting in the Florida primary today and wanted to discuss my experiences and thoughts (run time around 6 minutes).
Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)

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  1. Hi there Julian! So you let the old accent work it’s way back in your speech. You suppressed it well in California! (Kind of like Dr. House) Obama. Hmm. I think I’m on the other side of the equator from you…. with Romney. haha. I drop my ballot tomorrow. (Obama IS the most liberal senator in the house. Just mentioned that cuz you said you were a little tired of the far left in the dems wing. ho) I think it’s amazing though how much the media is influencing the out come of the primaries, by omission, or lots of play, depending on the candidates they love, or hate….and on both sides!
    See ya!

  2. Hi Craig, thanks for dropping by.

    The media is definitely out of control on both sides. Some things just don’t change. No doubt they love the Obama story. But, I’m not so sure about the far left commentary on Obama. That’s the 50K foot view but I haven’t done enough research yet. My father (who is a mad political observer) says that he’s hearing widely differing viewpoints on that topic from reputable sources and some say he’s not nearly as much a lefty as Hilary who is known as being centrist. I think it’s going to take some digging to get to the truth and then some guessing. Meaning that we all know that candidates exagerate to win elections on issues and then only follow thru on what they truly care about.

    For example, I don’t believe that Hilary or Obama will withdraw completely from Iraq like they’re saying they will. Despite the wars lack of popularity there are some valid reasons for helping the new government and much more positive is coming from the surge then the MSM reports.

    Hopefully we can fix a lot of issues at home in the next term and also do a much better job of tracking down terrorists, rather than just singling out a country like Iraq for a full scale invasion (like what the hell are we ignoring the Taliban in Pakistan for). We could start by insisting that the Pakistan government help us get them out since they say they don’t support them. Time to call that bluff. But hey, that’s just me talking.

  3. Amen to that brother. I dig that motorcycle your displaying. Awesome life you’re leading there in Florida. I’d like to live in a warmer, year round climate like that…and ride a “bike”. Still have that Mustang? Marcy and I hang out with Penny and her husband once in awhile. They’re both pretty cool. He’s a fireman in San Jose. She just won the CEO trip to Cancun. (of course, ha) We go out to dinner now and then. I’m a prem rep at at&t, work out of my home office mostly, and I’m having a blast. The freedom is great. Let me know if there’s anyone you want me to say hi to.

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