Reposition or reset an Adobe Air application window in OS X

reposition twhirl

If you’ve used a Mac and run OS X you’ve likely encountered a time when an open application window has mysteriously relocated itself on your screen so that you can’t see all of it and you can’t get to the top window bar to reposition it with your mouse pointer. Argh!

I had this happen today with an Adobe Air application today called twhirl. After 10 minutes on Google today looking in vain for a keyboard shortcut I went back to my old standby tech support method. I went exploring.

I was rewarded!

Here’s what to do.

Locate the Air application in your OS X doc. Right click, or control click that Air application icon in the dock to open a menu. There’s a menu item for ‘Reset Windows.” If you click that sucker the app window will promptly BEHAVE and appear in your top right window where you can do what you want with it. I spanked mine.

Do you know how to do this with other applications on OS X? I’d love to know.

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8 Replies to “Reposition or reset an Adobe Air application window in OS X”

  1. Of note: Since I’m a bonehead I was searching Google for a kb shortcut to move an application window NOT specifically a problem with twhirl. Once I figured out it was twhirl it came up in searches right away. Doe! It’s hard when you don’t know what’s broken.


  2. Thanks Julian. I was looking for info on Twhirl on Mac, but by coincidence this happened with another app for me this morning. Appreciate the tip.


  3. Thanks Julian! I’ve been desperately trying to do this with twhirl, a Twitter client for Adobe Air. Each time I disconnect my second monitor the windows go missing, and I can finally get them back with ease.

  4. I really like Twhirl, but hate the default dock icon. I’ve noticed you’ve got a different icon on your dock. Where did you get this from? I would love to download it.

  5. My 10 mins on google lead me here 🙂 thanks for sharing this info, twhirl was driving me nuts being right of the screen.

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