Julia’s un-birthday Party

With mum away on business in Chicago and our family otherwise scattered to the wind Julia’s official 4th birthday went off without a hitch. Grandpa Lorenz bought Julia a new birthday dress (shown in video below) and we got her a Princess art kit with various coloring and painting utensils of destruction. For dinner Julia had her favorite pasta (that would be Penne with Four Cheese sauce “No Cheese Daddy”) and we followed that up with some splendid cup cakes which were enjoyed by our Birthday Girl, John, Grandpa Lorenz and yours truly.

Later this week on Wednesday we’ll have her play school party with 12-15 of her class mates and then her official family birthday party with more cake, family fun and presents. We wish all of you could be here.

Here’s a quick video of us singing Julia in to her 4th year.