Buy an iPhone 3G Today or Save Your Soul?

Are you ready for the next Jesus Phone?

Doors opened today at 8AM all across the U.S. at both Apple and AT&T Stores. Doors opened ALL around the world in fact. I’ve followed the iPhone 3G launch right down to the very last RSS feed on sites like iPhoneAlley, Boy Genius Report and Engadget Mobile – just to name 3 of my dozen or so mobile phone RSS feeds. I was planning on getting my own iPhone 3G (in white) today but a quick scan of my mental budget says that would be quite a bad idea.

So, hopefully very soon. My gadget addiction is mostly in check these days but my financial management skills remain somewhat dismal so this beaut cartoon below from The Joy of Tech made my day.

And a ‘thank you’ Hat tip to Get Rich Slowly for their article today iPhone or Millionaire that pointed me to this cartoon and also reminded me of the great benefit of NOT spending money on toys.

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