John and Julia’s First Photos

Don’t you wish you had the first photos you ever took?

Not long back, John got hold of our Family Digicam and went to town snapping pictures of just about everything. I didn’t put him up to it at all. As you’d imagine there were a lot of unusable photos. There were also a lot of photos that got some of the basics right and some that even captured something special. Best of all, they all represent a unique perspective – that of a child and a first-ever photographer. My Favorite of John’s photos are the portraits of Charlie playing his guitar this summer. How cool! I tried to only delete photos that were blank or completely out of focus.

Just in the last month Julia picked the camera up and did the very same thing and with very similar results. My favorite of Julia’s is her self portrait close-up of her face.

First, here are John’s Photos

John’s First Photos

Now, let’s take a look at Julia’s photos.

Julia’s First Photos

2 Replies to “John and Julia’s First Photos”

  1. Hi John, Julia and Julian

    The photos are really great. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. They do reveal a lot about your world.

    My first memory triggered were my first pix which I still have. I took a little Brownie camera belonging to my mother and set off to photograph Nonnewaug Falls (which I hoped would be frozen). On the way I tried to cross a brook which looked like it might be frozen enough but I wasn’t too worried because I knew it would not be too deep. At any rate I broke through the ice and got my legs soaked. This put me into heroine mode as I realised I was going to be the only person to get photos of the new snow and ice on Nonnewaug Falls.

    Second momoery triggered was when your father/grandfather borrowed a video for our first summer in Oz. What a shocking revealation to us – we were always sitting around in our pj’s smoking, reading and drinking cups of tea.

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