I want to show some emotion. This song is dedicated to my girl @seerysm. I know I don’t do a good job of showing you all the feelings I have for you. This song says what I feel.

Heaven by Joan Armatrading

Came into my life
Made me think that I
Was really something
Took me by surprise
Someone with your charm
Looking my way

Am I in Heaven?
Am I in Heaven?
Am I in Heaven?
Have I gone up
Have I gone up
To the big cloud
Number Nine

Hey you
Brought me out of my shell
I don’t know how you felt
But you do it well
Started a dream
Dreaming made me see
Oh Babe
You’re so right for me!

And I wanna to be the sunshine when you’re down
I wanna be the apple of your eye
I wanna be the one you run to
Day and night

Cause I found the perfect someone who could take me in their arms and love me

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