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  1. John and I got out this morning and went to the parking lot of the old Carefree Theater. This was day two of training on his two wheeler. There was an oh-so-slight uneveness to the parking lot affording John a little more speed on his push off and that proved to be the formula for him getting up himself. Soon he was riding back and forth the length of the parking lot. By the end of our practice session he was getting a feel for how shifting your weight steers the bike and then we were on to beginning breaking. He is really excited by his achievement and it is a delight to see how excited he is. I was out walking the dogs just a little while after and upon my return he already had his mum out to the lot to show his new skills off. All in all it's hard to forget what a great right of passage this is and it's as much fun to watch as it is to do it yourself.

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