Dragon for Mac


I got talking with my aunt today about Dragon Dictate for Mac. She watched her neighbor use it the other day and was blown away by the accuracy. She suggested I might try it as a way to work around creative writing blocks since I’m such an avid talker….

I was an early adoptor of speech-to-text-software but was disappointed by it. I tried a second time with the same result. Today, from a quick look at reviews Dragon Dictate for Mac seems like a winner. Though, why they don’t offer a trial version leaves me scratching my head and debating if it might really help my writing process.

What’s got me jazzed right now is that they have a free iPhone app and iPad app so I have a way to test a version. At least to see what the process of it is like. There’s no pain since it’s a free app. Here goes the next Seeryously Gude productivity experiement!

Here’s a review of the software and the various software/headset bundles from Macintosh How To: https://macintoshhowto.com/software/usable-speech-recognition-arrives-on-the-m…