Overworked America: The Great Speedup


Note: I’m definitely thinking out loud here. Remember this is a notebook, not a blog.

This piece in on the gap. The ever growing gap between what we give in America in work and what we receive in return. It’s out of wack and getting wackier.

There’s a lot to celebrate about America and I’m not an apologist for being a Yank. Yet parts of our culture and our economy, even the American Dream, are demanding that we reinvent ourselves. We just need to remember that we’re particularly good at reinventing ourselves and get to it.

One critical piece of our fresh start lies in how we’re letting our government and sources of income dictate our future as if we have nothing to say about it.

The government and corporate America need to change. We are the change agents. It feels good to blame them for being greedy, power hungry bullies (and they are sometimes) but for every very valid criticism of corporate or government behavior lies a demand for us to act in our own small way to change it.

We the people are going to have to take our country back. Liberal, Conservative, Banker, Hedge Fund Speculator, Consultant, Worker, Buyer, Seller, Marketer. These seem like labels that may no longer serve us.

~ julian

via my Auntie Pat