iOS 5 and Mac Tips

iOS 5

Try the Lumin app for $1.99 to light and magnify small print or items – even take a photo if you need to reference it again. Recommended by Andy Ihnatko on MacBreak Weekly 277 Dec. 13, 2011

Take a photo on your iOS device with your wired microphone volume button. Amazing! Think of how this can improve all those long arm self portraits!!!! Hat tip Alex Lindsay of Pixelcorps. Except I can’t get it to work. Ahhhhhhhhh! [stay tuned, I’ll get it working]

TextMate 2 – The Dream

Attention web writers, code monkeys and and fans of automated workflows: Textmate 2.0 is here (albeit only in buggy Alpha form). And only available if you have an existing Textmate license.


Via MacBreak Weekly episode 277 from December 13, 2011 edition

UPDATE for the tip where you can take pictures with iPhone headset volume button. This wasn’t working for me while I had my Bluetooth headset paired with my iPhone. When I turned off Bluetooth it worked. Use the volume up button. I’ve read that this method of snapping photos actually works with some Bluetooth headsets. I can tell you that my Plantronics Voyager Pro+ doesn’t work (and goes a step further to conflict with the feature on your wired headset).