Mitch Hedberg, The Donut Bit

There’s this comedian…

Mitch Hedberg was one of the funniest comedians I’ve ever heard.

Quirky as hell, and like all great comedians he had amazing timing. And his material. You don’t think of it as jokes. Mitch was bent. I like that. Mitch wrote funny. Somehow he brought together an awkward mixture of nervous energy with a knack for spotting the absurdity of our everyday world that seemed just perfect.

Mitch’s donut bit has always been a favorite. I looked it up on YouTube to send to my friend Harv and found a guy who made a great After Affects (motion graphics) Project where he matched Mitch’s words from the donut bit to some perfectly timed text and graphics. I loved the receipt at the end, that was really nice attention to detail Big Dawg Creations, your work is first class. Hope you like it Harv.

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