What’s in a name?

Just your whole life.

self portrait of Julian E. Gude in December 2016 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Julian E. Gude, Creative Technologist, Multidisciplinary Web Leader

Julian's phoenix tattoo


Hi, my name is Julian E. Gude and this is my personal blog, Julians.name.

Julians.name is where I occasionally examine my life as it rushes by.

I’m an enthusiast and lifelong learner. I post on topics like music, technology, psychology, philosophy, productivity, the web, web services, gadgets, Apple, macOS, iOS, creativity, my family, music, video, photography, writing, digital marketing, design, and pretty much anything that affects our shared reality distortion field.


Resume and Bio

You can find my resume and bio in progress at https://julians.name/resume-bio/



I run my own technology, web design, and marketing shop exceler8, where I use open source software, SaaS tools, and the internet, to help businesses optimize their online operations and technology, find new customers, and build their web audience.


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Places I’ve lived

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Jacobstown, New Jersey
  • Perth, Western Australia
  • Fremantle, Western Australia
  • Langdon, New Hampshire
  • Walpole, New Hampshire
  • San Jose, California
  • Pleasanton, California
  • Alameda, California
  • Los Gatos, California
  • West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Wellington, Florida
  • Palm Beach Gardens, Florida


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