Japan Earthquake: Before and After


These are fascinating before and after pictures of the Sunami destruction and subsequent clean-up in Japan. The transformation is both amazing and eery. To see the ‘after’ photo just click on the photo photo you’re looking at on the Atlantic website.

~ julian

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Modern Gerber Multi Tool with Camera and iPhone Tripod

The Gerber Steady – the multitool with tripod that works with your iPhone (or other Smartphone or camera)

While I wait nervously to see if the Valentine’s Gift I ordered for Shannon will show up on the Fedex truck today, I thought I’d send out an example of something a modern man would love for Valentine’s Day. The part that makes this multitool from Gerber special comes at about 1:22 of the video is you want to skip forward.

Available on Amazon for $48.28 via Thompson Tools here


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FIGHTING THE ELEPHANT – Ray William Johnson Video

Don’t you just love a good laugh at the expense of main stream media? I do!

Here’s RayWJ on the WSJ!

Warning: If you have pants on while watching this video you might pee them, so now’s a pretty good time to take them off. Unless you’re in public, in which case results may vary.


Via Bob Lefsetz of The Lefsetz Letter