Church bells ringing

The church bells rang out at 10 this morning at St. Ann’s Catholic School.  Julia, John and I are at our new park (Jose Marti Park) on the Intracoastal, which is adjacent to St. Ann’s. We’re moved from Welly World, we’re far from unpacked but today feels like it could be a regular day and that feels like a good thing.

Today, we’ll watch The Open on TNT, we’ll unpack a skosh and we’ll whip up a killah web site for Rob’s hurricane window business. At least, I’ll move it along to the next level. The winds are up today at the Beach and the prevailing wind is uncharacteristically cool. Sitting outside without benefit of a shade tree at this time of year is akin to suicide but today it’s NOT. It’s lovely.

Mum and Neil have shuffled off to Copenhagen and left behind them a wake of Muesli and Tea. The house is different without them of course and we will miss them both. It was a nice visit and I’m so glad that all my kids and Shannon got a chance to be around them and vice versa. I’ll upload some pics from the visit shortly but for now time is too short for photo editing and the like. What are some of the highlights? Watching the Space Shuttle launch from Cape Canaveral on July 4th as we cooked hot dogs on the bar-b-q. That one we’re sure to remember.

Some John and Julia Pics from Okeeheelee Park

I posted some pics I took of John and Julia today at Okeeheelee Park in Royal Palm Beach. For those of you from afar this is a regular weekly stopping point in our ‘parks of West Palm Beach’ tour’ Every day (at least that is the goal) I take John and Julia to a different park. Usually in the morning. We go to a different park each day to keep our lives filled with variety. An especially good day is when we visit a park we’ve never been to before. This doesn’t always work out but it’s worth the risk 😉 Look for the pics in my blog sidebar (it is on the right towards the bottom).

Curious Julsie

Took John and Julia to see Curious George tonight. It was Curious GeorgeJulia’s first movie and I think she liked it. I was surprised that she was as restless as she was – she probably lasted about 40 minutes before she was ready to be done. John got a little restless at times but I think it was more about him being used to standing up and moving around the house then being bored with the movie itself. Shannon and I both liked the movie a lot. The colors were magnificent! Story was simple and nice as a kids movie should be. It seems like there is plenty of room in the market for great movies like The Incredibles and Shrek as well as 2-D low tech but high art, well storied movies like George. Good on ya George.

On the day before….

my birthday…I had a fantastic time with Shannon and the kids. I got stuck into writing a fun article on our blog that Shannon edited for me later on while I was at work. After some trepidation on the topic I took off and pecked out a good post in short order.  From there we managed to get out of the house and go down to Okeeheelee Park for a little adventure.

We rented a canoe, threw John and Julia in the middle and paddled all over the place for an hour. Julia was a little uncertain about the boat but she didn’t complain. John was right into it after just a couple of minutes. He called the buoy’s what sounded like bootie, which gave us quite the chuckle.  After that we were inspired to make an impromptu run down to the Publix to get some supplies for a quick Bar-b-q. We got back to the park and grilled up some chicken and burgers and downed a couple of Peroni’s – much to our delight. The kids had a blast feeding the seagulls and we all felt so glad to have spent such a nice time together.  Today was the kind of day you fantasize about all the time when the mood is high, the company is great, the sun is warm and your belly full. Cheers!

First picture of Baby X!

October 29, 2003

Yesterday on Tuesday afternoon Shannon and I went to see our newest addition – Baby X. Baby X is about 13 weeks old and should show up in our world about May 5th, 2004 according to Dr. Biell. Everything with Baby is normal and he/she was quite active during the ultrasound. The debate has begun on if we are going to find out the sex. Neither of us know what we want to do yet. 🙂

Baby X Baby X!

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