John and Julia’s First Photos

Don’t you wish you had the first photos you ever took?

Not long back, John got hold of our Family Digicam and went to town snapping pictures of just about everything. I didn’t put him up to it at all. As you’d imagine there were a lot of unusable photos. There were also a lot of photos that got some of the basics right and some that even captured something special. Best of all, they all represent a unique perspective – that of a child and a first-ever photographer. My Favorite of John’s photos are the portraits of Charlie playing his guitar this summer. How cool! I tried to only delete photos that were blank or completely out of focus.

Just in the last month Julia picked the camera up and did the very same thing and with very similar results. My favorite of Julia’s is her self portrait close-up of her face.

First, here are John’s Photos

John’s First Photos

Now, let’s take a look at Julia’s photos.

Julia’s First Photos

a sunset rare

My Mum just sent this to me (OMG a form email letter that I actually enjoyed!) and it is struck me as so spectacular that I had to share it.



Text from email form letter below…

“This is the sunset at the North Pole with the moon at its closest point. And, you also see the sun below the moon. An amazing photo and not one easily duplicated. You may want to pass it on to others. The Chinese have a saying that goes something like this: “When someone shares with you something of value, You have an obligation to share it with others!’ “”

Ah yes, that’s how we know it’s a chain letter. Oh the guilt! 🙂

A bar-b-q for Tax Day

The Virgin Grill April 7, 2007
The tax deadline in the U.S. usually falls on April 15th, but this year for reasons I haven’t even bothered to look up, the deadline was the 17th. We survived it once again – somehow.

In celebration of being done with our taxes we got a new Weber bar-b-q and some torches for the nasties that like to fly around and bite you (bloodsuckers).  We promptly assembled it, drinking Dos Equis Amber all the while, and got her fired up. Her name is Evelyn – the grill that is.  I had to take some pictures of the innagural event which are appearing here as a set on our Flickr account in all their glory. Featured here are the virgin grill (above) and THE MOST random picture I have ever seen (below). Shannon took a self portrait and in the background John is sprawled on the ground while I am cleaning the grill in the far background. Who the hell knows where Julia was…

Random as hell Shannon picture

Happy Saturday

Just got back from walking past this scene with Scooby and Zoe.

[Photo removed]

I made the mistake of putting up an image from flickr that wasn’t fair use. My apologies to you James! Take a look at the original photo – it’s a real beaut.

Here’s the link