Rosa Mexicano – Palm Beach Gardens

After Shannon and I first in Phoenix we met up in New York City and we have many wonderful memories from our trip there. So much so, that we returned to New York to get married in the same Hotel, The Royalton, that we originally stayed at.

Rosa Mexicano Palm Beach Gardens

Of course we had occasion to eat at some excellent restaurants during our stay and one of them was Rosa Mexicano, which was recommended to us by the staff at the Royalton (their tips on clubs weren’t as good). We’ve returned there for dinner during each of our return trips – no trip to NYC would be complete without a stop there which may seem odd since it’s a Mexican Restaurant.

You can imagine that we were delighted to learn that Rosa Mexicano just opened up a new location close by in Palm Beach Gardens at Downtown at the Gardens. We made our first reservation for this past Saturday, to celebrate Shannon’s new job, just a week after their grand opening here.

Needless to say, it’s still a bit tough to get a reservation (ours was for 9:30PM). We arrived and were seated right away and were treated to the same amazing food and great service that we’ve experienced in NYC. If you haven’t been, you should try their tableside prepared Guacamole – it’s top notch, and the experience of watching them make everything on the cart right next to you, definitely adds to the experience.

Don’t pass up their signature Pomegranate Margarita either – it’s excellent. We’d also highly recommend the Tequila Flights that let you try a selection of three different Tequila’s from their extensive selection. If you’re not a Tequila drinker, you either don’t like to drink, or you haven’t had good Tequila. Well, that may be overstating the case, but Shannon and I are biased. It’s one of those drinks where the bad stuff is really bad, and the good stuff is amazing. The top shelf Tequila’s are all Anejo’s (aged) and are made from 100% Blue Agave Cactus from Mexico. In any event, you’ll want to have orange slices with your Tequila (never limes) as it brings out the natural orange flavor of Tequila’s (especially the Anejo sipping Tequila’s). A nice twist that our waiter recommened is to sprinkle some chili powder on the oranges. We’d never heard of this, and we both agreed that it was an excellent addition. Not only that, but they make a version of Sangria at Rosa Mexicano called Sangrita that has a dash of chili powder in it. Amazing! Rosa often serves these as chasers with their Tequila flights.

For our entrees we enjoyed their chicken Enchiladas and Filet Mignon with mushrooms – both were excellent.

There was one disappointment – the décor. The location in NYC is authentic and intimate, the Palm Beach Gardens location is barn like, though we still enjoyed their wall of blue which is the only internal highlight. Well OK, the bar’s nice.
If you haven’t gone, make your reservation and tell them that Julio sent you.

p.s. It was an odd and pleasant experience to run into a group of our old neighbors from when we lived on Westerminter Rd, not far from El Cid, where we just moved back to in West Palm Beach. The best part is that Shannon and I had just had hair cuts earlier that day and we were both sporting radically shorter coifs. When our neighbor Bill, husband of Shannon’s friend and former co-worker Lisa, ambled up to our table we were very much amused that Bill didn’t recognize me at all! He extended his hand, a glint in his eye as he sized up Shannon’s new catch, and introduced himself to me. I just smiled, shook his hand, and said Hi Bill! Oh man, we had fun with that one.