The exceler8 iPhone 4 Bumper


Frustrated with iPhone 4 antenna and receptions issues?

Can’t believe Apple hasn’t even bothered to stock enough of their Bumpers to help alleviate the issue?

No problem.

The exceler8 Bumper, We’ve got you covered.

John and Julia’s First Photos

Don’t you wish you had the first photos you ever took?

Not long back, John got hold of our Family Digicam and went to town snapping pictures of just about everything. I didn’t put him up to it at all. As you’d imagine there were a lot of unusable photos. There were also a lot of photos that got some of the basics right and some that even captured something special. Best of all, they all represent a unique perspective – that of a child and a first-ever photographer. My Favorite of John’s photos are the portraits of Charlie playing his guitar this summer. How cool! I tried to only delete photos that were blank or completely out of focus.

Just in the last month Julia picked the camera up and did the very same thing and with very similar results. My favorite of Julia’s is her self portrait close-up of her face.

First, here are John’s Photos

John’s First Photos

Now, let’s take a look at Julia’s photos.

Julia’s First Photos

Apture makes killer plug-in for web sites and blogs

While viewing my Plurk timeline (oh, you haven’t see plurk yet) this evening I found a link to an interesting blog post. Not only did I enjoy learning about the new open source Twitter client called from my Plurk friend Bwana, I also couldn’t help but notice his very useful site plug-in that let me see definitions of words in Wikipedia.

Four months ago I went searching for just such a WordPress plug-in so that I could add custom and general definitions to my small business marketing site LocalNa8ion. After finding little of value in the WordPress plug-in arena I ended up using the tried and true HTML acronym tag. How does the acronym tag work in HTML? The acronym tag places …… under the tagged word, and when you mouse over the word your mouse cursor turns into a question mark with a pointer – a universal computer symbol for help. The acronym tag is particularly useful to site visitors when you’re knee deep in technical and industry terms that you would otherwise have to stop and write about just to gain understanding for less expert readers. Rather than putting everyone through a long written description the acronym tag has allowed me to speak to experts and newbies alike in less time. Yes, this is a bastardized use of the acronym tag. I’m bad bad bad. Technically, the acronym tag should just be used for acronyms and nothing else, but hey, it gets the job done for real people in the real world.

So Apture can address this need for me on Local Na8ion. But it does SO VERY MUCH MORE. In fact, I haven’t been this excited about a plug-in since I started using WordPress in 2004 and found out there were things called plug-ins.

Tools like Apture could change the web – radically.

See for yourself on the short video below and be sure to experience Apture. Subscribe to Apture’s blog while you’re at it.

check out my tumblr


I’ve got a weblog or two (or 6) and I’ve been wanting to aggregate all my blog posts in one place and put them under my main url which I don’t use at present (only  I also want to include my other postings from identity tools like Twitter and Flickr. This is Lifestreaming. 

There’s a lifestreaming plugin and other LS resources for WordPress (like these here featured on but I like the idea of using something off-the-shelf that’s easy to setup and maintain. At present the available WP plugins for lifestreaming are anything but. Enter tumblelogs as a possible solution.

I started a tumblelog on yesterday. What’s a tumblelog you ask?

“To make a simple analogy: If blogs are journals, tumblelogs are scrapbooks.

You can also look at tumblelogs as slightly more structured blogs that make it easier, faster, and more fun to post and share stuff you find or create.”

That’s what leading tumblelog service tumblr has to say on the topic.  In the past year I’ve been hearing about tumblelogs and they’ve always been presented to me as something akin to microblogging like Twitter (and similar to how tumblr themselves presents them). That’s good but I already microblog on Twitter and there you have the benefit of being part of a community and conversation.  On the down side Twitter doesn’t capture video, pics and other media well like tumblr can.

Yesterday via Twitter Steve Rubel of Micropersuasion presented Tumblelogs as a great lifestreaming solution. Now tumblelogs don’t seem redundant to my efforts on Twitter and elsewhere. SO I’ve plugged in to give tumblr a try. On this topic it seems to me like Jaiku gets you most of the tools that tumblr would have from a lifestreaming perspective with the addition of friends/community.

One thing I really like about tumblr is that you can use your own url for no additional charge – that’s good stuff and I may use one that is hanging around, like, since that’s the ID I use on all my online tools and communities.

Stay tuned and check out my tumblelog for an all-in-one place to see what’s happening in life – mine that is.

Got ya spammers – captcha!

Hi Friends, family and guests.

If you’re commenting on my blog you’ll notice a new addition that looks like this.


It prevents very annoying site spam. The downside is that it also can be annoying for people like you to fill out who are just trying to leave a comment! But hold on, there’s an upside for you!

I thought you’d like to know that your perseverance in filling out my captcha will also help with the accurate digitization of history. You see, those words you type in my captcha I’m using to fight comment spam are words that have been scanned from real books by an optical character recognition tool. People are digitizing books for easy access in online form. Carnegie Mellon University is behind this (thank you).

Picture 1
The problem as you may know is that OCR doesn’t bloody work! Too many mistakes, especially in older, harder to read books. That’s where we come in. The words you type in reCaptcha will be used to correct the OCR work of books that Carnegie Mellon is performing. Brilliant!

More here. Don’t forget that you can get reCaptcha for your site.

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My Friend Ami – part time lifestreaming

I was having a nice chat with my good friend Ami just yesterday. We covered a lot of topics as we typically do from social mores, business, social networking, media, philosophy, blogs, web development, family, psychology, and I think a couple of others.

I was explaining that I get overwhelmed by blogging because I have so many blogs. Hard to keep up with them all and I don’t! He told me he had an answer to that and directed me to this new site It’s an Ami Portal page of sorts – an aggregation of everthing Ami online. Like me, Ami has a lot of online presence to manage and he found that using blogger (Google’s off the shelf and ever so popular and easy to use blog tool) along with a leveraged use of RSS feeds has delivered him unto us. Perfect.

I’ve had this exact idea in my head for at least a year now. I already own my own name as a url and I would aggregate content on my name for all my different properties. Of course I would have to launch another blog and then find a good wordpress tool to accept all the feeds. I know they’re out there I just don’t use them and so don’ t know their names. The idea is that if I was to aggregate my blogs you would see that I actually DO update my personal blog pretty frequently. My other blogs run in spurts. BUT, if I (and you) knew without having to check that there was activity on my other blogs I would find it easier to stick with my other blogs (because I do REALLY like posting to them all). I could have one blog about everything and this is a perfectly good solution but it doesn’t work for people who find blogs because of a specific interest. I would have the satisfaction of seeing the efforts of my work in one place.

Rather than wank on with all the technical stuff as I am want to do Ami just used blogger and he’s done. Rather nice that. I imagine it didn’t take him long to do it either. He accomplished everything I want to do and he’s already done. I think that’s just fantastic. That’s the power of using off-the-shelf web apps and not worrying yourself over silly things like custom urls which don’t really matter in the end anyway. People just need one address – one place, a jumping off point to launch you into everything you are doing online.

Ami, you asked me to drop by your site and I have and I will. I love that I can find out what you’re doing by going to your site EVEN though I already track your every move on Google Reader. I like visiting sites. I will enjoy visiting yours. You have inspired me to get my online life aggregation finished – one way or the other.

And about that web 3.0 definition you wrote about (aka the semantic web.

I like to summarize web 3.0 or the semantic web as the personification of the web. I’m sure I nicked that off someone but if so I couldn’t tell you when or who. I believe that all the amazing underlying technology that is being developed to drive the next generation of the web will and should have only one purpose – to make the web more human – to make the web even more intuitive – to amplify and more accurately represent US – the people.

There you have it, my wank is done for the day.


Vlog Vlogging Video podcasting – why not

Well, there are a lot of reasons that I shouldn’t podcast, mainly that I talk too much, and mostly because I say too little. At least when I write I can edit out some of the drivel. In the end though I’m too interested in technology, social media, and the Internet to let everyone else make all this user generated video content and not play around a bit with it myself.

Equipment has always been a barrier for me – especially finding a decent web cam to use. I read recently about using your camcorder as a high-end web cam and the hack attracted me. I wanted to set up a good web cam for me and the kids so Shannon could see us on her business travels and Max and Charlie could see me from California. We’ve tried this before but it’s never really worked. Perhaps using the camcorder will help make it a more permanent solution. That and video podcasting.

I purchased a 6-pin to 4-pin Firewire cable (aka IEEE 1394 cable) from CompUSA today so I could hook my Mac Powerbook up to my 7 year old digital camcorder. Everything worked the first time I plugged it in. I then signed up with the free service called that lets you both record and stream live web cam podcasts. The most popular content creators are now attracting thousands of viewers for their live shows and it’s actually pretty fun to watch some of them.

So, here’s my test on ustream. The audio is horrid, as is the content, but it’s a start. First order of business is to figure out a decent and inexpensive microphone.

habari, a new state-of-the-art cms from Chris J. Davis

I heard about Chris J. Davis originally when I fell in love with a theme called k2 that he helped design. Just a few minutes ago I was checking out the latest k2 when I clicked on Chris’s name to see what his site was looking like these days. Design gods like Davis are certainly inspiration for someone like me who appreciates the aesthetic but is just learning how to write css and deal with web standards.

I was surprised to learn that Chris has been very busy lately making a new blogging platform called habari. It’s not out for public consumption yet but given the state-of-the-art underlying technology being used like php 5, the full ATOM publishing protocol (er, next gen RSS) and promised Ajaxiness implementation that is simple is as simple does. Looking forward to future releases and installing a version on one of my servers. For now, I am left to ponder why we have so many open source projects named after African words.

“The Swahili word habari translates to ‘news’, as in ‘what’s the news?’ Blogs — personal and professional — are all about spreading the news, so what better name to apply to blogging software?”

I mean ubuntu, Joomla and Mambo and now habari. Gimme a break already.

And I have to end by pointing out the obvious, that Chris is just one of the developers. Ja, Ja we get it ya know.

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