Five Years Beautiful

Five years ago I met Shannon Marie Seery. Life since that time has been adventure, risk, reward, failure and never ending love. Despite how hard it has been to have step families and move across the country (for both of us) I do believe we’ve all done our very best and have been so very fortunate despite the setbacks.

We celebrated on Tuesday the 17th of January by going to Gaucho RodizioGaucho Rodizio in Lighthouse Point that Jenna got us a gift certificate too. We didn’t notice the infinity like shape in their logo until we arrived. It was a Brazilian steakhouse – the kind where they bring around spits of meat and they slice a piece off at your table. You have a disc on your table that you turn to green for more service and flip over to red when you need to take a break. We had such a nice time sharing our meal together and talking about the last five years. We spoke of our gains and losses but it was all fondness and love that we felt. We have come through the other side – we have worked for it but we knew it was worth it. We have two beautiful children, a business that I believe is set to take off this year and most importantly our health and happiness and love.

Shannon and Julian

I would love to see us spend some time like we did towards the beginning of our relationship where we spent more time in hotels, bars, hanging out and otherwise ignoring the world. That was good – very good and I believe, repeatable.I love you Shannon. I know this little comment isn’t reflective of the depth of feelings I have for you, but it is a testament none the less.

We were so happy to see our check come up 8’s and 13’s when we finished our wonderful meal. The time on the ticker read 8:08PM and the total was $113.58!.

You are a beautiful, intelligent and kind hearted women with an amazing ability to make me feel more happiness than I have ever felt before. You are a great drunk, you’re great sober, you’re great mad and happy and excited, you taught me to love roller coasters and to let the house be dirty in favor of experiencing people and places. You are grounded but don’t lack the ability to dream and despite that you are no where near as crazy as I am you never judge me harshly for it. Thanks for an amazing five years and I do pray that there will be so many more adventures of Shannon and Julian, side by side, riding off in to the sunset with kids in tow, roadies in the console, our sticks in the back of the truck and the warm sun whipping the hair around our panoramic grins.