FIGHTING THE ELEPHANT – Ray William Johnson Video

Don’t you just love a good laugh at the expense of main stream media? I do!

Here’s RayWJ on the WSJ!

Warning: If you have pants on while watching this video you might pee them, so now’s a pretty good time to take them off. Unless you’re in public, in which case results may vary.


Via Bob Lefsetz of The Lefsetz Letter

Jackson Browne Debuts Protest Tune

Writing protest songs is like falling off a log for Jackson Browne. Regardless of your politics this is good music. Browne ends this performance by riffing on a great song called I am a Patriot from his album World in Motion (originally written by Little Steven of E Street Band Fame).

Speaking of the song I am a Patriot, there’s a lyric that pretty much sums up my feelings about Occupy Wall Street, along with Jackson’s lyrics in his new song.

I am a Patriot lyric

And I ain’t no communist 
And I ain’t no capitalist 
And I ain’t no socialist 
And I ain’t no imperialist 
And I ain’t no democrat 
Sure ain’t no republican 
I only know one party 
And it is freedom 

Although I agree with some of the sentiment of Occupy Wall Street – the crowd got it about half right. And I’m with 80% of Americans who aren’t getting behind half right. Occupy Wall Street feels too much like a made for TV [insert Internet] event with no soul.

Let’s try again. First attempts are rarely good. Let’s call this round practice for what we’ve really got to do with our country. We’re on to something, now we just have to find the right balance. That’s when everyone shows up. The reaction to SOPA and PIPA is far more universal because regular people could see how imbalanced it was. It’s the same thing that we were calling bullshit on with OWS, just expressed more articulately. More action, less words. Less b.s. 

In the mean time, I’ll leave the dogma to the extremists. Like Hollywood, the music industry and old big business, they’re quickly becoming irrelevant, unprofitable, deaf to what matters to us.

As for me, I’m going to sing this part of Little Steven’s song especially loud:

“I am a patriot, and I love my country!”

~ julian

Via Bob Lefsetz


Mitch Hedberg, The Donut Bit

There’s this comedian…

Mitch Hedberg was one of the funniest comedians I’ve ever heard.

Quirky as hell, and like all great comedians he had amazing timing. And his material. You don’t think of it as jokes. Mitch was bent. I like that. Mitch wrote funny. Somehow he brought together an awkward mixture of nervous energy with a knack for spotting the absurdity of our everyday world that seemed just perfect.

Mitch’s donut bit has always been a favorite. I looked it up on YouTube to send to my friend Harv and found a guy who made a great After Affects (motion graphics) Project where he matched Mitch’s words from the donut bit to some perfectly timed text and graphics. I loved the receipt at the end, that was really nice attention to detail Big Dawg Creations, your work is first class. Hope you like it Harv.

Soft Running Videos has a slew of curated videos showing you natural running form. It also shows the heel striking that is common to wearers of billowy running and walking shoes.

Also known as barefoot running, minimalist running, Chi running and many more terms, the bottom line with this running form is supposed to equal less injury. Some even say this kind of form will lead to faster times like former elite marathon runner and now elite marathon coach Alberto Salazar.

Think about how you run if you have to traverse a pebbled driveway and you’re barefoot. You don’t heel strike like you would in a pair of pillow soft running shoes. You land on the front pad of your foot. You run softly. There’s mounting evidence that this method of landing causes less injury because it uses the natural shock absorption of your muscles (especially your calfs) instead of sending jarring shock through your entire body and joint system (think feet, ankles, knees, hips back).

One important part of the transition from heel striking running to natural running is to make sure you have good form. It takes a while to shake old habits. Natural running is also hell on your calfs at first. It takes a slow build up of use and strength before your calf muscles will stop crying out in pain from your barefoot runs. One way to aid you in building good form is to use what’s called the 100-up.


Via NYTimes Article The Once and Future Way to Run by Born to Run author Christopher McDougall

The Transformation of Aspiration

I just read John Sumser’s HRCarnival: Forecast Edition on and this video closed out his article. 

It’s a video from ad agency Leo Burnett that could interest anyone but is particularly useful for seeing the big socioeconomic change running through our society and culture. Themes from this years’ headlines feature prominently, including Occupy Wall Street, Smartphone usage and the rise of daily deals.


Via and Leo Burnett’s Humankind series

iOS 5 and Mac Tips

iOS 5

Try the Lumin app for $1.99 to light and magnify small print or items – even take a photo if you need to reference it again. Recommended by Andy Ihnatko on MacBreak Weekly 277 Dec. 13, 2011

Take a photo on your iOS device with your wired microphone volume button. Amazing! Think of how this can improve all those long arm self portraits!!!! Hat tip Alex Lindsay of Pixelcorps. Except I can’t get it to work. Ahhhhhhhhh! [stay tuned, I’ll get it working]

TextMate 2 – The Dream

Attention web writers, code monkeys and and fans of automated workflows: Textmate 2.0 is here (albeit only in buggy Alpha form). And only available if you have an existing Textmate license.


Via MacBreak Weekly episode 277 from December 13, 2011 edition

UPDATE for the tip where you can take pictures with iPhone headset volume button. This wasn’t working for me while I had my Bluetooth headset paired with my iPhone. When I turned off Bluetooth it worked. Use the volume up button. I’ve read that this method of snapping photos actually works with some Bluetooth headsets. I can tell you that my Plantronics Voyager Pro+ doesn’t work (and goes a step further to conflict with the feature on your wired headset).