Flying out

I flew out of West Palm Beach today at 5:45PM bound for San Jose. The ride is smooth and the sunset out the window was beautiful. We flew right over our house on the way out and my heart skipped a beat when I thought of leaving Shan and John behind. I will have a terribly hard time being away from them for 10 days. On the positive side I have been missing Max and Charlie like crazy and seeing them all weekend will be really special.

Charlie was selected to be on the All Star soccer team at the end of his season last weekend and he’s really excited about it. I feel really good for him – there’s nothing like getting something right and being acknowledged for it. I’ll take Charlie and Max to Charlie’s game this Saturday and then a celebratory picnic on Sunday.

I took some photos of the sunset out of the airplane window and I will be sure to post them when I get access to a card reader.

Next stop is DFW and then on to San Jose after a one hour layover.

Thanks God I have something to write with (this is being thumb typed on my BlackBerry). My laptop is so old and beat up that my battery doesn’t work so I stowed the laptop in my luggage hoping someone will steal it. Just kidding – I love my old laptop – she’s been through the shit with me. The laptop is a modern day equivalent to the trusty sword.

Ten things I’ve learned about life…

1. I don’t have any idea. About anything.
2. Ignore all the rest because they are just guesses.
3. You can spend a lot of time worrying about things going wrong or breaking.
4. You can’t know how much to worry about the things you worry about.
5. Intentionally left blank.
6. Intentionally left blank.
7. Sometimes life blows – and we’re not talking about the good kind of blows.
8. There are a lot of really stupid rules.
9. There are a lot of galactically stupid people.
10. #9 might have something to do with number #8 but that’s unconfirmed.
10. I’m not sure if there really is a point behind paper toilet seat covers. It seems to me that they might be optional equipment.
10. If reality isn’t real then why do farts have to smell so bad.
10. It’s important to break things on purpose. This helps with #3 and #4.
10. See the thing is…all-you-can-eat buffets are really designed to make restaurants money cause only the fat people eat that much food and stuff.
10. Math never was a strong point.
10. You can never have enough duct tape Duct Tape Guys
10. Don’t worry about taking any wooden nickels. They all burned back in 1935 in the great fire. The people in #9 are still going to worry about wooden nickels anyway.
10. The secret to life is as simple as #5 plainly states.

Oh Shit!

The end

November 05, 2003

Man as publisher

Yesterday a hack, today a published hack!

Oh, the horror of technology.

Today I have completed the installation of the blog application Movable Type. It marks my first foray into publishing and also gave my limited Internet technology skills a work out! I’m happy to say that I’m running my web publishing application on a free web server – check out 1and1 (see referral based advertising does work!) and I am using MovableType’s shareware application to power the blog. A nod to a new friend Glenda Bautista Agendacide is in order for making me aware of both 1and1 and Movabletype – thanks G!

All of this at no cost to boot – other than my time and effort. I may actually have to learn to write. Egads!