How an orchestral flashmob in Spain just might make your day

Som Sabadell from Onidea on Vimeo.


Do you like to smile or take time out to smell the roses? Even for five minutes?

I bet you don’t take enough time to do so. I share this struggle with you.

Today my aunt provided me with one such opportunity. Thank you.

~ julian

More about the performance:


Banco Sabadell, in the 130 th anniversary of its establishment, wanted to pay homage to our city with the “We Sabadell.” This is the flashmob who have a final climax with the participation of over 40 musicians from the Orquestra Simfnica del Valls and Chorus of 60 singers from the Amics de pera de Sabadell, Coral Belles Arts and Cor Lieder Camera.

A “human statue” dressed in jacket and with the help of a cello comes to life when a girl puts a coin in the hat before it and starts playing the first notes of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Gradually a low, two violas, a bassoon, various stringed instruments and wind came and adding to the action. Once formed the orchestra and from different areas and streets surround the square, appearing members of the chorus joining in the action.

The result: a miniconcert live on the street, original and unique.

Don’t Break The Chain – YouTube

I found this useful video about the productivity hack/game called don’t break the chain.

Use it to stay motivated. Make sure you do something important at least once per day such as learn a new skill or get some exercise. In other words, a typical mind game…that works.

Get your chart here.

Via YouTube on Charlieissocoollike + Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret

Modern Gerber Multi Tool with Camera and iPhone Tripod

The Gerber Steady – the multitool with tripod that works with your iPhone (or other Smartphone or camera)

While I wait nervously to see if the Valentine’s Gift I ordered for Shannon will show up on the Fedex truck today, I thought I’d send out an example of something a modern man would love for Valentine’s Day. The part that makes this multitool from Gerber special comes at about 1:22 of the video is you want to skip forward.

Available on Amazon for $48.28 via Thompson Tools here


Via Zite reader on TheNextWeb