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self portrait of Julian E. Gude in December 2016 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Julian E. Gude, Creative Technologist



20+ Years Experience In Digital Marketing, Online Operations, And Cloud Technology

EXPERIENCE: My career spans thirty-two years, with twenty-plus years experience with local and remote teams in digital marketing, strategy, design, advertising, web technology, training, and online operations.

PROVEN RESULTS: My career progression and accomplishments demonstrate my ability to perform at a high level in a variety of roles.

ATTITUDE: An old post-it note on my computer monitor reads, “Find a way.” Perhaps we speak the same language? Ever the optimist, I love working on what’s next and never tire of a challenge.

VERSATILE: I am creative, innovative, analytical, technical, and driven. I’m a life-long learner fascinated by creative endeavors, how things work, and how to make them better.

DEEP KNOWLEDGE: Digital marketing and strategy, content marketing, media, advertising, analysis, technology, cloud-based SaaS, web operations, online publishing, and WordPress design and admin.

MANAGER OR SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT: I’m as comfortable working in solo roles as I am leading a team and developing people. I have worked remotely for 10+years. I also enjoy the variety and challenge of owning an entire function, product, P&L, or process.

SEEKING: Local or remote position that values strong business experience, cross-functional expertise, and leadership skills.






President & Creative Director exceler8 Corporation



Vice President Advertiser Services WorldAvenue



Sr. Director Online Advertising Operations
Director of National Sales
Knight Ridder Digital



Internet Business Development Manager Pacific Bell (now AT&T)



Statewide Strategic Planning Manager
Regional Strategic Planning Manager
Pacific Bell (now AT&T)



Training Manager Pacific Bell (now AT&T)



Sales Manager
Outside Account Executive
Inside Account Executive
Durable Solutions
Pacific Bell





CONTENTS: Below you’ll find my social links, business and personal bio, a skills summary, a psychological profile comprised of three separate reports,  and my work experience (traditional resume).

References available upon request.

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Social Links


Business Bio

My career spans thirty-two years, with twenty-plus years experience in digital marketing and advertising and managing web technology and online operations with local and remote teams. Over the years, I’ve worked in a number of enterprise roles, two tech-centric startups, and in small business, including my own small digital marketing and web technology company.

I’m equal parts creative, analyst, and technologist. This comes through in my work and in how I work with people. You’ll see this multidisciplinary pattern repeat in the psychological assessments and job experience I share below. Call me a creative technologist that’s happily stuck in the business world. I value deep connection with my work and the people I do business with. I love to create and experiment in my work but I’m disciplined and analytical in balancing creative output with results.

Over the last eleven years, I’ve served a small portfolio of clients providing integrated digital marketing solutions and platforms while balancing my work with my role as the primary caregiver for my two youngest kids. My youngest kids have grown into teenagers (please send help) so I’m ready for the next full-time challenge (please get me out of here).


Personal Bio

I’m a learning fanatic, music nut, and I blurt out life and productivity hacks without the slightest prompting. I spend a lot of time trying to figure out people and the meaning of life (including mine) so I’m always studying psychology and philosophy. I’m an avid reader and my creative endeavors include writing, blogging, photography, videography, and digital design. I  love running and completed a half and a full marathon before the worn out parts in my neck and knees led to my early retirement. I still miss it. I’ve been around computers and technology since computers filled entire rooms because my father taught computer science (before it was called that) at his university in Australia. I’ve never lost the bug I caught in his computer lab for tools, technology, systems, and process. I’m always experimenting with the intersection of people, performance, and technology – it never gets old.  In my non-existent spare time, I enjoy the beach, feeding my squirrels, walking my crazy Jack Russell Terrier, international travel, and coffee. Donuts also rate highly.

I’m originally from the northeast but spent ten of my more formative years growing up in Perth, Western Australia. Since coming back to the states in the mid-80’s I’ve lived in New Hampshire, spent thirteen years in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley, and the last fourteen in South Florida.




Business and Analytical Skills

Leadership, Management, Business strategy, Project Management, Sales Operations, Sales Management, Sales Support, Inside Sales, Outside Sales, Client Services, Customer Service, Technology Operations, Technology strategy, Data Analysis, Workflows, Productivity and Business Process Automation, Business Intelligence, Training Development, Training Delivery, and Coaching.

Marketing, Creative, and Design Skills

Digital Marketing and Strategy, Content Marketing and Consulting, Online Media & Publishing, Multichannel Campaign Creation, Online Sales Strategy, Product Management, Online Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization, Online Lead Generation, SEO, SEM, Web Design, Video Editing, Audio Editing, Photo Programming and Image Optimization, Infographics, White Papers, Copywriting, Long form writing, Podcasting, Copywriting, Online Training, and Screencasts.

Technical Skills

WordPress (design, integration, admin), Content Management Systems, Web Technology and Operations, SaaS deployment, integration, training, and support, Web Automation and API’s, Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, Product Management, Web Design, Mobile Web Design, HTML, CSS, MySQL, LAMP Stack, System Administration, Open Source Software, Advertising Operations (Ad Ops), Ad Serving, Ad Trafficking, Learning Management Systems (LMS), G Suite, Microsoft Office, Amazon S3, Email System Administration, E-commerce, Windows, Mac, and iOS expert. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Audition, Adobe Premier.

Languages or Platforms

Experienced: WordPress, HTML, CSS
Basic: Javascript, API’s, MySql, PhP, jQuery, LAMP


Psychological Profile

Personality type, cognitive preference, how other’s perceive me

People reach their highest potential and achieve their greatest results when they’re working on what they’re best at and appreciated for the work they do. You may have work for me that I’m highly qualified for, but you’ll be happier with my work if I’m the kind of person that fits best with you, your projects, and your team.

The three reports below provide a window into the kind of work I’m a natural fit for and what I’m like to work with. Taken together, you’ll see my psychological profile and cognitive preference add up to a person that’s comfortable inhabiting multidisciplinary worlds, thinking styles, and appreciates people and their differences. Although I’m an introvert, I’ve held many of the most extroverted types of jobs in my career. Which I point out to remind you that my profile is a good measure of my preferences, but do not define what I can do. With that introduction, please feel free to learn about my personality type (Myers-Briggs), a cognitive preference report that details how I capture, manage, and process information, and a report on how others perceive my strengths and weaknesses (Fascination Personality Test).

With that introduction, please feel free to learn about my personality type (Myers-Briggs), a cognitive preference report that details how I capture, manage, and process information, and a report on how others perceive my strengths and weaknesses (Fascination Personality Test).

Myers-Briggs Personality Type

The underlying psychological research used in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is built upon the foundation of analytical psychology pioneered by Carl Gustav Jung. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the personality test most HR, recruiting, and psychological personality assessments are based on.

Based on the test you are sorted into one of 16 distinctive personality types that result from the interactions among the preferences. I’m one of those edge cases where one letter of the four letter type will change from test to test. I’ve taken this test more than a dozen times over the years and it always comes out one way or the other. In my case, I test as an INTP or INFP.

You’ll notice the only difference in my personality type is the third letter which denotes a Thinking or Feeling type which has to do with how I make decisions. People who prefer to first look at logic and consistency are a T (thinking) type (INTP). Those that first consider people and special circumstances are F (feeling) types (INFP).  In my case, I do both a fairly equal amount.

Here’s an overview of how INFP and INTP’s move through their work.

Read about my INFP personality type below – “THE MEDIATOR”

  • Overview of INFP Link
  • Strengths and weaknesses of INFP Link
  • Career Paths INFP Link
  • Workplace habits INFP Link

Read about my INTP personality type below – “THE LOGICIAN”

  • Overview of INTP Link
  • Strengths and weaknesses of INTP Link
  • Career Paths INTP Link
  • Workplace habits INTP Link
Cognitive Preference Assessment

Before he coaches a CEO or world leader on their productivity, David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done, uses the cognitive preference survey administered by Open Book Learning to assess his client’s approach to the thinking they bring to their work. Thirty years of research on cognitive diversity, the processing and communications patterns of top-performing individuals, and 21st-century behavioral science leads us to the touch points for how we capture, manage, and process information.

My report suggests I am a Balanced Associative and Sequential processor. Only 5% of the population are balanced processors. People with balanced scores often move fluidly from one form of processing to another depending on the demand of the task. This means balanced processors are versatile and can often better relate to or understand people in the two groups. The overwhelming majority of CEOs are balanced processors.  Other good fits include other leadership roles, multidisciplinary roles, cross-functional roles training, and coaching. Other good careers include roles where it’s beneficial to predict or accurately interpret how people think/act/learn, such as psychology, therapy, marketing, sales, politics, and training. My cognitive preferences profile is attached in PDF document at the link below.

Cognitive Preference Report for Julian E. Gude

Fascination Personality Test

World-class branding expert Sally Hogshead discovered a new way to measure how people perceive your communication, through the Fascination Personality Test. The Fascination Personality Test doesn’t measure how you see the world, it measures how the world sees you.

They’ve studied more than 700,000 participants. Based on this research, they have identified 49 personality archetypes.

Each personality archetype has a primary advantage. Your primary advantage is what makes you most persuasive and captivating. You also have a secondary advantage. Your secondary advantage is your second highest mode of communication. It helps to balance out and support your primary advantage.

My result: The Maverick Leader

Pioneering | Irreverent | Entrepreneurial | Artful | Dramatic

How the world views the Maverick Leader Archetype

  • You lead with a bold and unconventional vision.
  • You are unafraid to take the lead and happy to propose a new direction for a product or market strategy.
  • You’re always full of new ideas, and almost a little restless.
  • You definitely make sure there are no dull moments in your meetings.
  • If something starts to feel familiar, you’ll probably start experimenting to see whether higher goals can be achieved.


  • You’re independent, confident, and perhaps a little eccentric.
  • The power advantage tends to keep you on track to reach your goals, while your primary innovation advantage makes you creative, innovative, and sharp-witted.
  • You’re able to think in both linear and nonlinear ways.
  • Free association allows you to come up with fresh ideas, while your logical mind helps you implement them.
  • You are a natural leader with an adventurous spirit.


  • Maverick Leaders dislike routine tasks. You get bored when forced to follow predictable patterns.
  • You get the most out of building your own path, finding smart solutions to the usual rules, and finding your own way to do things.

Fascination Advantage Report for Julian E. Gude


EXCELER8 Corporation
2005 – Present
Remote | West Palm Beach, Florida

I deploy and maintain integrated web technology and content marketing solutions using cloud-based tools and open source software to support my client’s audience growth, customer acquisition, and operations.

My multidisciplinary work typically includes consulting on my client’s digital strategy and operations, project management, content marketing, designing and deploying WordPress websites, integrations with leading SaaS web services, automation, producing and editing multichannel media and content, as well as providing ongoing training, automation, support, and maintenance. As the president of a small company, I’m also responsible for managing all aspects of the business, such as finance, operations, technology, projects, marketing, sales, client management, training, support, and management of outside remote services.

Vice President Advertiser Services
Boca Raton, FL

Led 30+ team member client services team at online incentive lead generation company. Included managing developers, yield optimization analysts, search marketing personnel, web production staff, inside sales team, sales operations, sales support staff, and media production group.

Knight Ridder Digital
Sr. Director Online Advertising Operations
2000 – 2005
San Jose, CA and Miami, FL

Responsible for the formation and ongoing leadership of client-facing advertising operations team for the Knight Ridder Digital network of thirty-four award-winning local news and specialty content sites.

Led a large bi-coastal (Silicon Valley/Miami) digital advertising and sales operations team that drove a 50% increase in staffing efficiencies and raised productivity levels in design and ad scheduling by 40%. Evangelized and led efforts to develop rich media ad products which resulted in 150% growth in rich media advertising penetration across the network. Created new Sales Engineering team to create, certify, and deploy new ad technologies that increased advertising revenue 23%.
Director National Sales
2000 – 2001
San Jose, CA

Led all other online sales channels to achieve the Top Knight Ridder Digital Sales Channel award in 2000. Grew revenue by 208% YOY with online advertising revenues exceeding $5MM. Created and led national online advertising sales team for Knight Ridder Digital, including managing national advertising P&L for network of thirty-four award-winning, local news and information portals and specialty sites. Managed national rep firm relationship and developed client direct content advertising partnerships with Fortune 100 advertisers to build new online revenue streams. Created remnant ad sales channel to maximize inventory utilization and created the first sales territory definitions and rules for local and national sales channels to sell effectively together.

AT&T Yellow Pages (Pacific Bell and SBC Communications)
Internet Business Development Manager
1997 – 2000
San Francisco, CA

Received Council of Leaders and Exceptional Achievement awards for my efforts in the successful launch of in my role as the liaison between and SBC Directory Operations (now Played an integral role in product development of SMARTpages product, including product features, creation of new advertising products, sales tactics, compensation, incentives, training, and operational plans. Successfully implemented challenging SMARTpages rollout across eight-state operations and 2,000 person sales force. While performing this job I was selected to act as Assistant to the President in a special four-month assignment where I assisted the corporation’s top officer with strategic online initiatives.

Pacific Bell Directory (now AT&T)
Statewide Strategic Planning Manager

Received Council of Leaders and Exceptional Achievement awards for my contributions in both strategic planning and in my role as a SBC/Pacific Bell merger integration team member. Reporting directly to the Vice President of Sales, I had responsibility for managing the entire strategic planning process for Pacific Bell Directory’s 2,000 person sales organization. Led team of six regional strategic planners in the development of innovative short and long-range plans that helped maximize Pacific Bell Directory sales revenues and margin. I drove efforts to streamline the sales planning process and managed the delivery of on-time, cohesive plans that addressed core sales issues such as revenue targets, market prioritization, customer base segmentation, sales productivity, and staffing levels. Responsible for managing and recommending sales objectives for California and Nevada markets that generated over one billion dollars in annual company revenue.

Pacific Bell Directory
Regional Strategic Planning Manager
Oakland, CA

Translated corporate financial objectives into actionable sales strategies and tactics for Pacific Bell Directory sales offices and Northern California sales region. Performed qualitative and quantitative analysis on sales region/office performance in order to forecast sales results and identify opportunities for revenue and productivity improvements. Developed new sales tools that reduced advertiser base defection. I completely revamped campaign plans to provide sales management with clear, measurable tactics that achieved sales objectives. Successfully partnered with marketing department on development and deployment of direct mail campaigns and sales collateral that drove increased market presence and greater sales effectiveness against the competition.

Pacific Bell Directory
Training Manager
1994 – 1996
San Francisco, CA

Awarded 1996 Pacific Bell Directory Exceptional Achievement Award. As a Training Manager, I was responsible for training development, delivery, job-skills based performance assessment and coaching, and public speaking engagements where I helped roll out new products and initiatives to our sales force. Individually managed multiple training projects from client consultation, through design and delivery. Delivered sales and technical training to targeted groups in management, sales and sales support positions. Responsible for delivery and development of annual skills and knowledge assessment for all sales and customer service representatives.

Pacific Bell Directory
Advertising Account Executive
1991 – 1994
Oakland, CA

Sold and serviced new and existing Yellow Pages advertising to business clientele. Oakland sales branch Rookie of the year. Received ‘book-leader’ sales honors and 100% accuracy award for zero-defect sales.

GTE (Now Verizon)
Advertising Account Executive
1988 – 1991
San Jose, CA

As GTE’s youngest outside sales representative nationwide, I managed approximately one million dollars in annual account revenue for this Yellow Pages publisher. Attained a 26% increase in annual revenues, an achievement that was recognized by GTE with an incentive trip to Hawaii.

Durable Solutions, Inc.
Sales Manager
1986 – 1988
Westmoreland, NH

Managed computer hardware sales consultants. Increased gross revenues and doubled sales margins of core business by developing vertical market sales to medium sized corporations, Universities, and Government R&D facilities. Assisted company owners with strategic market development and business planning that led to the creation and management of a new business unit.

Ed Bergeron’s
Retail Sales Associate
1985 – 1986
Keene, New Hampshire

Learned fundamentals of sales and customer service in this upscale men’s clothier located on main street (literally) in a New England college town that personifies small town America.

Bike-it Couriers
Perth, Western Australia

Used legs of steel to deliver letters, small packages, money, monkey suits, (and probably drugs) while riding 75 – 100 miles a day before hopping a train for the 45-minute commute home. At 14, the physical challenges of this job weren’t nearly as high as the mental fortitude it took to deal with the stress of urgent package delivery in a big city. I learned everything I ever needed to know about not giving up under great stress in this job. You just keep pedaling. I included this position mostly for your amusement. It has nothing and everything to do with who I am. You’re welcome. 😉

References available upon request.



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